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Gold Fish

If I can become a gold fish, can I be freedom, and happy?


Lost Memories

I love it! ❤❤❤

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Jen Mann


Heavenly Appeals

Jun 20th at 1PM / 0 notes
I was going to the ocean! 😄😄

I was going to the ocean! 😄😄

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So cute!

So cute!

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I’m fighting for myself

Jun 12th at 9PM / 0 notes

Today. I was running, some people were waiting for the bus.
When they saw me, I did hear what they said.
“The girl is so disgusting.”
I know I’m not beautiful. And when I was running, the sweat, my hair, everything is messed up.
I don’t hate them, because they said the truth.
I told myself don’t care about people’s opinions. I tried, I should keep trying until I get it.
I didn’t say anything about it.
That’s what I should remember, when I am upset, that will encourage me, give me more motivation.

Start now!

Today, 6/11/12, 00:35.
I just made a big decision one minute ago.
Start my new life.
These days I realized how a big hope destroyed me. And finally I understand how naive I was.
Yes, I was! That girl was not me anymore .
Now, I am not scared about how embarrassed I will be when I talk to another person in English . I’m not afraid of people say how terrible my articles are.
I don’t care your opinions.
I only care about the way I live, and how happy I am.
But, I think the first thing that I need to do for my new life is “Go to my bed!”
Good night! Everything that I love.❤

The Happiness Day

Jul 15th at 7PM / 0 notes

Last I cried because something always happened ,and I have nothing to do

Mom doesn’t know that ,how sad I am .

In fact ,I don’t think she is a good mother , sometimes .But I can understand she wanted to help me have a better life. Although she hadn’t asked me anything about my life when I should dicide something .

I loved her, and love her.

Today ,it is sunny. I played with yellow-dan.

She is a good guider, and it’s the first time I saw the “blue water”, maybe called little sea or lake. And now ,I start to love in the American life.

I like the title —Blue bottle, and I love yellow-dan more.

She likes a best friend more, and she gives me the same feeling such as I faced my chinese friends, I will treasure her forever.

She likes the noddle, I wanna promise, I will cook the noddle for you until we get far away distance, until we will die. Please remember ony you.